Sada Baby & Drego "Bloxk Party" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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  • Demar Williams
    Demar Williams 2 часов назад


  • b
    b 3 часов назад

    My dumbass was trying to figure out "cuz im off tether" like it was slang for a drug hahaha

  • Larry Barnett
    Larry Barnett 4 часов назад

    This song is tight

  • KRC Pontiacbaby
    KRC Pontiacbaby 7 часов назад


  • Raven Marie
    Raven Marie 7 часов назад


  • Rah F
    Rah F 9 часов назад

    Is that Ice 🅱 w/ tht Sonixs Jersey on ? 👀

  • Mar Greez
    Mar Greez 13 часов назад

  • Susan Pierce
    Susan Pierce 18 часов назад


  • Plug Marvin
    Plug Marvin 19 часов назад

    As a hood nigga I can say this really what it be like niggas don't do all that gun flashing n shit but it be on us...niggas be trynna have fun n get drunk

  • Matthew Roberson
    Matthew Roberson 20 часов назад

    Mannnnnnnnn 😂

  • TheMarvart67
    TheMarvart67 20 часов назад

    Lol shit go man i better step my dance moves up lol i see you gray shirt lol

  • swol gas
    swol gas 21 часов назад


  • Diamond D
    Diamond D 24 часов назад

    Just heard this on the radio!! Ayeeee

  • Getmo Green
    Getmo Green 1 дня назад


  • Me. Fr
    Me. Fr 1 дня назад

    Please help bring peace to the hood you all live in.

  • SkrillaBlockTv
    SkrillaBlockTv 1 дня назад

    Shout Out To Da D They Ran It Up And Mfs Be Hating🔥🔥🔥

  • Me. Fr
    Me. Fr 1 дня назад

    God loves you all

  • Jack Sawyer
    Jack Sawyer 1 дня назад


  • Antwon Dennison
    Antwon Dennison 1 дня назад

    This the song for my football highlights

  • ryan higgins
    ryan higgins 1 дня назад


  • Ajade Jackson
    Ajade Jackson 1 дня назад

    Do you believe in my dreams like Coretta Bitch😂

  • Justice Bussell
    Justice Bussell 1 дня назад

    Pussy nigga got shot and ran to the gram of I get shot i shoot tell it jam in my hand 🙌🔥

  • Arimoni Hullaby
    Arimoni Hullaby 2 дня назад

    Sada go hard ashhh

  • saloum malang
    saloum malang 2 дня назад

    Can’t stop watching the dance moves🔥🔥🔥

  • Official Ghozt
    Official Ghozt 2 дня назад

    Go check out my muzic on my channel let me know if you rock with it

  • Kali Abebe-Holt
    Kali Abebe-Holt 2 дня назад

    Sada so cute wit his dancin self 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Dante CashinOut
    Dante CashinOut 2 дня назад

    The dancing sada be doing has me dead but at least he's been his self unlike these other rappers

  • Ashley Holloway
    Ashley Holloway 2 дня назад

    this video, confirms it's ok for a real G to dance !!! love it !!!

  • Xok67 45
    Xok67 45 2 дня назад


  • Gabby & Mani
    Gabby & Mani 2 дня назад

    So is drego gay or is there a good explanation for that Instagram picture?

  • Mark Fee
    Mark Fee 2 дня назад

    From Miami an this shit got me hooked no ho-mo

  • Hater Hat Strong
    Hater Hat Strong 2 дня назад

    Whats the girl in black @? Im trying to see if she want to go to bible study.

  • 1,000 Subs Without Any Videos
    1,000 Subs Without Any Videos 2 дня назад

    *i love your chnanedlele*

  • Islin E
    Islin E 2 дня назад

    Cameraman: make sure to keep eye contact Sada baby:I got u 1:32

  • Desire' M. Buckley
    Desire' M. Buckley 2 дня назад

    Sada done slimmed down 👀

  • Chrissy R.
    Chrissy R. 2 дня назад

    Beno so fine

  • Gabriel Hicks
    Gabriel Hicks 2 дня назад

    Like I’m that one niggga

    CLOROX BLEACH 2 дня назад


  • Jadon Crawford
    Jadon Crawford 2 дня назад

    Do anybody early peep the grizzly chain on

  • Styxx Jones
    Styxx Jones 3 дня назад

    This video real feminine.😢😢

  • Monae Walker
    Monae Walker 3 дня назад

    My shit😈

  • Tammy Brown-Sanders
    Tammy Brown-Sanders 3 дня назад


  • Felder Cowart
    Felder Cowart 3 дня назад

    hottest jam.of the summer 313 stand up!!!

  • Joseph Hunter
    Joseph Hunter 3 дня назад

    lll ♨️ 2018 ,🥉💪

  • antwaun harris
    antwaun harris 3 дня назад

    I got the sneak it in the party pocket rock on me ayyyyyyy

  • Davione Mchenry21
    Davione Mchenry21 3 дня назад


  • Yrnboi Lique
    Yrnboi Lique 3 дня назад

    This Shit hella trash. Only reason I clocked cus the still made me think it was a "This is amerikkka" joke by Gambino

  • Tony Tolbert
    Tony Tolbert 3 дня назад

    Do you believe in my dreams like coretta bitch😎 shout out to my Detroit & Saginaw niggas.

  • Ruben Sheldon
    Ruben Sheldon 3 дня назад

    This song booty

  • Aiden Mallory
    Aiden Mallory 3 дня назад