Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa - One Kiss (Official Video)

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  • Robin Bishnoi
    Robin Bishnoi 1 минут назад

    she looks so gorgeous

  • TåT Aphrodisiac
    TåT Aphrodisiac 8 минут назад

    I look like all you can eat “😂😂😂

  • Lord Hapu
    Lord Hapu 12 минут назад

    "One kiss is all it takes" Bring it on.

  • Leonardo Renz
    Leonardo Renz 16 минут назад

    We Found Love é bem melhor

  • Leonardo Renz
    Leonardo Renz 16 минут назад

    esse clipe ficou muito rústico, nem views consideráveis têm.

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith 21 минут назад

    Hes not making as good music as he used to, for this one its okay

  • Vanessa McGill
    Vanessa McGill 36 минут назад


  • Gold Maknae Lisa- Black Pink
    Gold Maknae Lisa- Black Pink 41 минут назад

    This music is trash 👎👎

  • Angela S
    Angela S 47 минут назад


  • Devender kumar
    Devender kumar 54 минут назад

    Calvin Harris + Dua Lipa = ❤

  • Karen García Macías
    Karen García Macías 54 минут назад

    Amazing!!!😍 I love it❣

  • Romeo Di Serafino
    Romeo Di Serafino 54 минут назад

    the intro en the clip are fantastic!!!

  • Darío Montenegro
    Darío Montenegro 55 минут назад

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  • alexio jenner
    alexio jenner 1 часов назад

    why those shitty chroma key fais....

  • nathan sky
    nathan sky 2 часов назад

    Summer is coming 🔥🔥🔥

  • nahuel Parinelli
    nahuel Parinelli 2 часов назад

    Que mina hermosa la puta madre

  • Nesli Valeskam Pineda Hernandez
    Nesli Valeskam Pineda Hernandez 2 часов назад


  • Roxana Morales
    Roxana Morales 2 часов назад

    my favorite song 😻

  • Gautham xo
    Gautham xo 2 часов назад

    Dualipa ❤️ cutie

  • Suzana Matos
    Suzana Matos 2 часов назад

    Fucking awesome!!

  • riefda f a
    riefda f a 2 часов назад

    She always nailed it somehow😭😭

    BEYONDSECRET 2 часов назад

    Nice Nice Nice

  • Yuno OO
    Yuno OO 2 часов назад


  • Agustina Leyes
    Agustina Leyes 3 часов назад

    ♥ Queen ♥

  • Jc tron
    Jc tron 3 часов назад

    She sucks

  • TheEvilFlyingToaster
    TheEvilFlyingToaster 3 часов назад

    <3 House music

  • Emenike Okorafor
    Emenike Okorafor 3 часов назад

    Damn man she so sexy

  • Antonio Andonov
    Antonio Andonov 3 часов назад

    Today's music is shit, no offense

  • Lízbeth Escandón
    Lízbeth Escandón 3 часов назад

    like is you have a cat

  • folcane
    folcane 3 часов назад

    Here before a billion whoohooo

  • TheBanger
    TheBanger 3 часов назад

    Craig David was late to the studio session so they decided to omit him from the song.. yes... that explains it.

  • Aishmitaa Rajeskannan
    Aishmitaa Rajeskannan 3 часов назад

    Day lipa and Calvin harris 👁❤️u and and nice glasses

  • BruceWayne AB
    BruceWayne AB 3 часов назад

    She's always hawwwwt 😍😍👅💓👌

  • Guest 123
    Guest 123 4 часов назад

    What a strange video

  • James Golden
    James Golden 4 часов назад

    Love this son. But I’m dyyying to hear it sang by a woman with some serious vocal power. Would be even more amazing!

  • Melih Bozbay
    Melih Bozbay 4 часов назад

    Calvin Harris=King of deep music...

  • Stewart.7
    Stewart.7 4 часов назад

    Ésta rola es adictiva! 😏💗🎼🎶🎧

    ME LOVE MARSHMELLOW 4 часов назад

    The green screen effect is so bad

  • It'sJustTrigger
    It'sJustTrigger 4 часов назад


  • Braulio Alvarez Pinaud
    Braulio Alvarez Pinaud 5 часов назад

    ¡¡Exquisite!! a new extremely beautiful and delicate track from Master Calvin Harris with the exceptional Dua Lipa...!!! Greetings from Chile.

  • Panji Pratama
    Panji Pratama 5 часов назад

    song at mall

  • Olga Rodriguez
    Olga Rodriguez 5 часов назад

    she would look like a nice model

  • Jesus Medrano
    Jesus Medrano 5 часов назад

    con ver mi pura muñequita de mi brazo me reconozco y no le he copiado a nadien en a ser la muñeca así y ahí ya estaba enflacando mucho

  • Jesus Medrano
    Jesus Medrano 5 часов назад

    Y unos zapatitos negros

  • Jesus Medrano
    Jesus Medrano 5 часов назад

    antes que me salieran bellos en mis brasos

  • Jesus Medrano
    Jesus Medrano 5 часов назад

    esta es el robot que no quiere alas mujeres y que me compro mi papá yo soy ese de camisa rosita y pantalones grices

  • Jesus Medrano
    Jesus Medrano 5 часов назад

    esta es el robot que no quiere alas mujeres y que me compro mi papá yo soy ese de camisa rosita y pantalones grices

  • jamessworks
    jamessworks 5 часов назад

    Once again singing out of that bloody machine, and sounds like all the rest!

  • Fire Elf
    Fire Elf 5 часов назад

    Hate this song

  • John Hedge
    John Hedge 5 часов назад

    I cant freaking get it even this song brings a littel tear shit i try to stay away but i keep comeing back for more