Tekashi69 | 6ix9ine The Breakfast Club Interview Highlights

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  • Camp MuddBull Productions
    Camp MuddBull Productions 5 минут назад

    He’s a pedo. Let that sink in...

  • Camp MuddBull Productions
    Camp MuddBull Productions 12 минут назад

    This fucking kid is so fucked.

  • ken wright
    ken wright 40 минут назад

    Kids this will be you from taking too much drugs.

  • Mr Fire
    Mr Fire 42 минут назад

    Face tatts are ugly af

  • toorpat 1
    toorpat 1 1 часов назад

    i kinda like this guy a little bit

  • misstrKevin
    misstrKevin 1 часов назад

    Ok, but listen to this...

  • Ej B
    Ej B 2 часов назад

    He’s clearly retarded 😂😂

  • circasurvive04
    circasurvive04 4 часов назад

    LOL CTG shut this nigga all the way down. Gtfo here, hottest in the city. Tekashi69 be lukewarm at best.

  • Jose Ureste
    Jose Ureste 5 часов назад

    Why they keep letting kid say nigga without getting checked

  • Jose Ureste
    Jose Ureste 5 часов назад

    This kids a fucking faggot

  • abel garza
    abel garza 7 часов назад

    “It’s not hard to find me” no shit dumbass they found you to “test your gangsta” you showed up and bounced it’s not the first time either

  • Erica
    Erica 8 часов назад

    Bro you already set the bar for looking stupid to a new level hahhaaaaaa

  • Erica
    Erica 8 часов назад

    WHAT THA FUCK. Why do we give attention to stupid people.

  • Lugen Jordan
    Lugen Jordan 9 часов назад

    This dude said rainbow hair and teeth lol man u are apart of the fruity pebbles gang bruh stop acting hard

    DON VALLY 10 часов назад

    SHEEK LOUCH VOICE "God bless.....let his family stress him They new he ran wild....... They new it was soon for a goon to test him.......🤣🤣🤣

  • hussain al-zergani
    hussain al-zergani 13 часов назад

    Gangsta?! The fag is a fucking clown!

  • jordan geerard
    jordan geerard 13 часов назад

    this is whats fucked up.all these new dumb ass rappers get views blow up and have no respect. piece of shits. no fuckin respect. let pwople talk u stupid fuck

  • jordan geerard
    jordan geerard 13 часов назад

    please do more xans "i got rainbow teeth" "i dont walk around cause my nuts hang" yet saids how stupid could you look. this guy dumb af

  • lee goodwin
    lee goodwin 13 часов назад

    Gangster Gareth gates ....stuttering cunt

  • Red Monk
    Red Monk 13 часов назад

    Charlemagne the Cuck knows everything about being gansta

  • G Evo
    G Evo 14 часов назад

    NYC do what you gotta do, kill this clown nigga and save your reputation

  • G Evo
    G Evo 14 часов назад

    TF ?? this nigga thinks he is a gangster ?? wtf ?? i would kill this kid with one straight jab gtfo b

  • Easy going User
    Easy going User 15 часов назад

    You know what I m saying !!

  • DrewCFur
    DrewCFur 16 часов назад

    This homo prolly eats crayons

  • ramirezz101
    ramirezz101 17 часов назад

    Can Americans please fix the fact that fucking Latinos can freely use the word nigga like it ain’t no thing?

  • Kiko Ramirez
    Kiko Ramirez 17 часов назад

    T-t-t-today junior! 1:22

  • Emanuel Madashell
    Emanuel Madashell 18 часов назад

    The God, bashed 69 off the top. He thinks he's the best, but don't know the game like he thinks he does. Making beef for no reason, is dumb.

  • Ferdinand McElroy
    Ferdinand McElroy 19 часов назад

    studio gangster

  • Red Haze
    Red Haze 21 часов назад


  • OriginsUnKnown
    OriginsUnKnown 23 часов назад

    I actually agree with 6ix 9ine on this. About the show in Houston. I don't always agree with what he does and sometimes he doesn't always come off as the smartest guy but on these he makes perfect sense. Let ya nuts hang..

  • James Jones
    James Jones 24 часов назад

    It's the Mexican version of stitches!

  • Rayrayray Rayrayray
    Rayrayray Rayrayray 1 дня назад

    Fuck charlamange.. Hater ass fool ... Got questions well fuck I got the answers .. Tekashi69 stay strong

  • Pablo Quezada
    Pablo Quezada 1 дня назад

    My nigga

  • Christopher Brady
    Christopher Brady 1 дня назад

    This is why most entertainers shouldn't do interview...this dude has the mind capacity of a 3 year old...

  • YBM Entertainment
    YBM Entertainment 1 дня назад

    Hahaha this rainbow hair idiot. Admitted to false flagging wtf still talking hood. Haha retard

  • Gerald Reddy
    Gerald Reddy 1 дня назад


  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez 1 дня назад

    Fuckin Dude Looks gay as f***

  • javier Villa very
    javier Villa very 1 дня назад

    You just a bitch from NY

  • George Cole
    George Cole 1 дня назад

    why's he allowed to say nigga in there

  • Brandon Howell
    Brandon Howell 1 дня назад

    This kid is fucking stupid

  • joel choquet
    joel choquet 1 дня назад

    This dude is Functionally retarded........I also believe he’s a sex offender.......

  • John Giovannucci
    John Giovannucci 1 дня назад

    " you look stupid for looking for me bc I look stupid" - 69

  • Ahmed J.
    Ahmed J. 1 дня назад

    Who the fuck making those idiots famous?

  • Matt Collier
    Matt Collier 1 дня назад

    he sounds like a bitch. nothing hard about this clown lol.

  • Ninjabear 852
    Ninjabear 852 1 дня назад

    Oh shit rip 100 People already did that

  • alpo 702
    alpo 702 1 дня назад

    Based on the comments , alot of people don't like this guy , just like Trump ....he must be doing something good

  • Hannah Parker
    Hannah Parker 1 дня назад

    He thinks he is all that😂 I have never heard of him before😂

  • alpo 702
    alpo 702 1 дня назад

    69 is cool .cardi b is a clown

  • Greg Goods
    Greg Goods 1 дня назад

    He’s a clown 😂

  • Aidan Gallagher
    Aidan Gallagher 1 дня назад

    He would literally get shot the fuck up tryna to front his fake gangster ass bullshit in Chicago.