TEKASHI69 - Before They Were Famous - 6ix9ine / Gummo

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  • Tahmond
    Tahmond 32 минут назад

    He was too weak to carry some plates?😂

  • Mr Fire
    Mr Fire 41 минут назад

    Hows he even popular???

  • JDub Z
    JDub Z 3 часов назад


  • Briana Gomez
    Briana Gomez 3 часов назад

    Do nba young boy

  • Chris Ward
    Chris Ward 4 часов назад

    See you shouldn't make fun of special people

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    ZnrG_Gaming - Gaming, Music & More! 4 часов назад


  • ZnrG_Gaming - Gaming, Music & More!
    ZnrG_Gaming - Gaming, Music & More! 4 часов назад

    He looks so hilarious and his style is amazingly shouty! Lol

  • Azrapper music
    Azrapper music 5 часов назад

    Jace norman

  • Super Mario Fan
    Super Mario Fan 5 часов назад

    Do fetty wap

  • toorpat 1
    toorpat 1 5 часов назад

    hey Michael, you don't look like someone who would be doing this stupid shit

  • victorpantoja25
    victorpantoja25 6 часов назад

    your sucks hater !!!! if you have that concept of him why you did this about him loser!!!

  • Daryn Sanderbeck
    Daryn Sanderbeck 7 часов назад

    Do verne troyer

  • John Breezy
    John Breezy 7 часов назад

    Dude is hardcore retarded. Put the drugs down and pick up a study sheet.

  • John Breezy
    John Breezy 7 часов назад

    Cute back story. Is that his take on it? So, your rough come up, turned you into a Bitch? Licky my sticky.

  • John Breezy
    John Breezy 7 часов назад

    Little brightly colored fuckboy.

  • Princess D
    Princess D 10 часов назад

    Who has multiple friends with HIV... I think he gay.

  • theresa playz games
    theresa playz games 10 часов назад

    Can u do David Dobrikc

  • Itzsylviehere !
    Itzsylviehere ! 10 часов назад

    his dad was murdered omg i feel so bad for him man

  • michele' torres
    michele' torres 11 часов назад


  • jeffinatorize
    jeffinatorize 12 часов назад

    Famous people commonly have a rough childhood

  • fuck indon
    fuck indon 12 часов назад

    stupidest man i ever seen

  • the only dude
    the only dude 13 часов назад


  • the only dude
    the only dude 13 часов назад

    its hard for me to believe that such figures is now easily introduced to the music industry and liked by people its either everyone is deaf so they stream these songs without being annoyed or they are brainwashed or smth

  • Chris Wagner
    Chris Wagner 14 часов назад

    Dude is weak Af. Flow is like a clogged toilet....stopped up and shitty. Simple minded momos liking him is crazy....smfh

  • Red Rum
    Red Rum 20 часов назад

    this country just keeps getting lamer

  • teresca giesbrechtt
    teresca giesbrechtt 24 часов назад


  • Jhonny Lopez
    Jhonny Lopez 1 дня назад

    Same thing my dad went thru

  • J pac
    J pac 1 дня назад

    Idk wat people expect from somebody with a 8th grade education that probably got shit grades up to that point

  • Angie Anderson
    Angie Anderson 1 дня назад

    Every body like six nine

  • Saira Garcia
    Saira Garcia 1 дня назад

    Why the unicorn hair ????? Tho

  • Suave Joker
    Suave Joker 1 дня назад

    This Thug is such a walking contrition it's ridiculous.... please stop making this pedobear famous!!! He is a leech and does NOTHING to contribute to the music industry

  • SegaGenesis
    SegaGenesis 1 дня назад

    Daniel=6 Hernandez=9 =69

  • Lydia. G
    Lydia. G 1 дня назад

    No, I don’t know what you’re saying.

  • Selena Dovee
    Selena Dovee 1 дня назад

    Wait? Isn’t he 21 ???

  • F.U.B.A.R
    F.U.B.A.R 1 дня назад

    You call those bands heavy metal?

  • The Something Channel
    The Something Channel 1 дня назад

    I've never heard of him XD. I listen to Eminem and Dr Dre and just generally 90's rap. It's better in my opinion. His hair is...ok, I guess. I don't like his music personally, but I guess it's his life and if he chooses to get "69" tattooed all over himself, then that's his decision *oh god...* and I won't go to hate and hate and hate on him until I'm blue in the face because that's just not me. It's his life, his decisions etc. Would I do it? Haha, oh hell naw! But if he wants to do it, then, well, it's his life.

  • dakota vk
    dakota vk 1 дня назад

    Do Tyler Joseph

  • Panic! In the club
    Panic! In the club 1 дня назад

    Please can you make a panic at the disco before they were famous

  • WindTalker TM
    WindTalker TM 1 дня назад


  • Special KayTv
    Special KayTv 1 дня назад

    All these new rappers aren’t that much older than me 😭

  • LoneGD
    LoneGD 2 дня назад

    Hold on one second, his childhood is exactly like mine! I was a class clown, I was bullied, I was kinda poor. And I lost a major family member and then a few weeks later I was expelled! Does that mean this shit will happen to me as well? 😱

  • Wes Remy
    Wes Remy 2 дня назад

    He used to 69 underage girls...is that his special meaning?...lil ass pedo

  • Convict
    Convict 2 дня назад


  • pretty girl
    pretty girl 2 дня назад

    Tecashi is a nice man

  • Matthew Tyler
    Matthew Tyler 2 дня назад

    Hey in 3 years maybe you can make a video called "After they were famous"

  • GV Games
    GV Games 2 дня назад

    Who is this Chomo, never heard of the cunt.

  • Bianca Rose
    Bianca Rose 2 дня назад

    These ppl legit copied team edges intro check it out 1:39 and then check out team edges

  • Highlight Boss
    Highlight Boss 2 дня назад

    Do Avicii for Before they were famous, After they were famous, before they were gone, etc.

  • Ray Dingo
    Ray Dingo 2 дня назад

    Rainbow national gay symbol, hiv...often associated again with gays... fashion ? Yup this dude might very well be the first gay rapper thats not living in secrecy...

  • Aston Tyler
    Aston Tyler 2 дня назад

    MCRUDDEN HE WAS BORN 96 if 99 he would have been just 18 at time of your recording which wouldn’t correlate with your part explaining why trippin disowned him for being a pedo , because the charges were from when he was 18 & the charges were not the same year you did your recording 🧠😂❤️🤷🏼‍♀️