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Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)

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  • Tidy tuber
    Tidy tuber 2 минут назад

    I think people's in the comment section doesn't know the deep meaning of this song

  • Guest Family
    Guest Family 2 минут назад

    /﹋\ (҂`_´) <,︻╦╤─ ҉ - - /﹋\. this is world

  • hi and welcome to hell
    hi and welcome to hell 4 минут назад

    0:52 when you find out who called ur mom gay

  • hi and welcome to hell
    hi and welcome to hell 7 минут назад

    0:52 when your friend takes your rare pokemon cards

  • cereal gaming
    cereal gaming 8 минут назад

    This is so dumb

  • john mercer
    john mercer 11 минут назад

    Isn’t this a violation of YouTubes rules?

  • Hirâishîn
    Hirâishîn 12 минут назад

    this is america and this is 1USD=6.80 TL

  • Ash Thompson
    Ash Thompson 20 минут назад

    Who knew Troy could sing! O_o

  • Luiz Castro
    Luiz Castro 20 минут назад

    Galo frito

  • Technical Op Tricks
    Technical Op Tricks 21 минут назад

    This is *THUG LIFE*

  • Tigrinya Nationalistic Archive
    Tigrinya Nationalistic Archive 21 минут назад

    This is the Real World we are #LIVING

  • Hey iTs me SHULTZ
    Hey iTs me SHULTZ 27 минут назад

    *THIS IS ME*

  • Dominique Z
    Dominique Z 34 минут назад

    This is an industrial building

  • KingQLit
    KingQLit 34 минут назад

    0:40-0:41 Did he take a deep fart? *I'm confused.*

  • Arthur Stüber
    Arthur Stüber 35 минут назад


  • Assel
    Assel 37 минут назад

    We should just give credits how revolutionary and touching this mv is

  • oeung an
    oeung an 42 минут назад

    Part 2 is the BEST

  • Camilo GE
    Camilo GE 46 минут назад

    Make American Great Again, Literally...

  • Alelander
    Alelander 51 минут назад

    *we live in a society*

  • ThisKid
    ThisKid 51 минут назад

    I literally got Toto-Africa next in my 'up next' tab, and Grandayy's 'China Gang' too XD

  • BloodSeeker Wolf
    BloodSeeker Wolf 52 минут назад

    1:50 he's injured

  • Android Player
    Android Player 55 минут назад


  • adolf hitler
    adolf hitler 56 минут назад

    THİS İS TURKEY GUNESe ateş et intihara kalkis nezarethane ne güzel dolar olmuş 6tl This TURKEY bagcilard a kafa bul evet bul kafa bul Tofaş ile drift ne güzel çay 1tl euro olmus7Tl (Ekleme yapin

  • baby'Zella xx
    baby'Zella xx 57 минут назад

    I thought he said "This is America, don't got your slipper on."💔😹

  • JVSlvdr Blogs
    JVSlvdr Blogs 1 часов назад

    That's a crazy!😂😂😂

  • J.R. Productions
    J.R. Productions 1 часов назад

    Straight bullshit. Nothing but faggotry.

  • xxx tentacion
    xxx tentacion 1 часов назад

    0:50 when somebody says pubg is better than fortnite

    GK GAMER 1 часов назад

    This is a THAILAND

    DARK MAN 1 часов назад


  • Caresse Eugene
    Caresse Eugene 1 часов назад

    I don’t know the meaning of this song can someone tell me

  • EzGlue OnYou
    EzGlue OnYou 1 часов назад

    0:52 when you run into a default on fortnite

  • ахаха ручка
    ахаха ручка 1 часов назад

    Улица разбитых фонарей

  • Niken Shrestha
    Niken Shrestha 2 часов назад


  • Orange Pootis
    Orange Pootis 2 часов назад


  • Fish Gaming
    Fish Gaming 2 часов назад

    Is it sad most people are here because Fortnite.

  • 82ES PLUS
    82ES PLUS 2 часов назад

    Где былые люди? Это расизм? Черный левак заливает свою левацкую парашу, 0/10

  • octoboi ;3
    octoboi ;3 2 часов назад

    0:51 man: godanmit! Childish gambino: >:)

  • Hitler -
    Hitler - 2 часов назад

    America .... here's the shot dead not illegal 2:09 Look at the background image. That would be a bad thing to happen. We love human beings together, God teaches us to love each other. Do not take the gun out of your home and then shoot the villagers in a brainless way. God Bless America

  • Lenka Cigaňáková
    Lenka Cigaňáková 2 часов назад

    Hey This is a libraly

  • R.S.T.U
    R.S.T.U 2 часов назад

    Before shooting the old man : Well I think this is a good song for America After shooting the old man : Well fuck

  • Joseph Gonzalez
    Joseph Gonzalez 2 часов назад


  • AndrewBaker101
    AndrewBaker101 2 часов назад

    This is a *PARKING LOT*

  • Tetsudo boy
    Tetsudo boy 2 часов назад

    God bless America ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • andrew laughton
    andrew laughton 2 часов назад


  • RealKian
    RealKian 2 часов назад

    this is madness

  • Phenomenal 1
    Phenomenal 1 2 часов назад

    hello hello NIGERIA

  • that bitch
    that bitch 2 часов назад

    No. This is PATRICK

  • Aline Carvalho
    Aline Carvalho 2 часов назад

    No lyrics

  • MrBrace
    MrBrace 2 часов назад


  • Toki Time-tinker
    Toki Time-tinker 2 часов назад

    This is a M E M E.