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  • MuhaNnad Suliman
    MuhaNnad Suliman 7 минут назад

    5:55 Felix Al Tamimi : )

  • Ryke Indiape
    Ryke Indiape 22 минут назад

    Pewds..I love you..but the way you reacted to the brazillian fans just wasnt nice...I know youre not a die hard fan of football or soccer...but you cant just react to it like that..

  • TurtleGuy
    TurtleGuy 22 минут назад

    svenska boii LOL mer som svengelska

  • PolarAmazon
    PolarAmazon 33 минут назад

    11:16 We used to have a fish like that but it worked and a couple of little kids I was babysitting tore it off the mantle and started playing with it.

  • Draconigrum
    Draconigrum 33 минут назад

    Hahaha u so hahahaaaaahaha this hahaha so hahahahaaaa just so hahaaaaaaahaha uuuuhm ? yes

  • Darphir
    Darphir 56 минут назад

    The 7x1 will happen again

    • Канал Ossisk
      Darphir 2018-04-23T14:42:25.000Z

      And worse

  • Bey Du Sahra
    Bey Du Sahra 1 часов назад


  • WorldEater
    WorldEater 1 часов назад

    What Felix learnt from making this video: - - - - - - Sports ain't so bad after all.

  • Luiz Guilherme
    Luiz Guilherme 1 часов назад

    the woman is from Brasil this is a programe of Brasil the name is quao o seu talento "qst"

  • Muhammad Dawood Arsalan
    Muhammad Dawood Arsalan 2 часов назад

    best ep yet i cant wait for the next season within this intellectual anime

  • JENNY :D
    JENNY :D 2 часов назад


  • ancetti
    ancetti 2 часов назад

    That singer has no soundboard installed. It's from a weird show in Brazil. And the comment from the guy during the song was: 'How can she sing if she never heard the song? It's because it comes from her heart'. That's Brazil. You're welcome. No u.

  • PukllaYvoy Puklla Munay
    PukllaYvoy Puklla Munay 2 часов назад

    Daniel bryan, that is a freak showdown stipulation, YES YES YES YES YES YES YES

  • Tom Paulo
    Tom Paulo 2 часов назад

    Congrats dragonball, you just lost me. See you again if you ever make a real movie.

  • Bruno Soares
    Bruno Soares 2 часов назад

    We beat Germany 1-0 last time, so yeah, get ready for us in 2018 😉🤫🇧🇷

  • dio sama
    dio sama 2 часов назад


  • That Person
    That Person 2 часов назад

    11:10 its "Holdfast nations at war" pewds

  • Layce Walker
    Layce Walker 3 часов назад

    Omfg I'm ashamed because I'm Australian I'm ashamed of the rick and morty

  • Zach
    Zach 3 часов назад

    I just watched a 5 minute ad about mans not hot talking to children. What the heck

  • sam giri
    sam giri 3 часов назад


  • just me
    just me 3 часов назад

    RIP BRAZIL 😈😈😈😈 😏🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

  • Gabriel Laar
    Gabriel Laar 3 часов назад

    I didn't skratta

  • Yoshimura Gasai Arima
    Yoshimura Gasai Arima 3 часов назад

    спорт это круто, но я посижу дома

  • Apollo Actual
    Apollo Actual 3 часов назад

    This was the best episode yet

  • Suricato
    Suricato 4 часов назад

    Felix, I saw some brazilian stuff in ur videos lately and i feeEl likE mAyb you ShOuld ConSsider CoMe To BRaAziL

  • Jude Uy
    Jude Uy 4 часов назад

    haha fking killed me at the goku clip

  • Nils Lindh
    Nils Lindh 4 часов назад

    Ahhahah bästa översättningarna

  • Sempre que você ler os comentarios eu estarei la

    Ola bom dia pra vocês

  • Nudist Priest
    Nudist Priest 4 часов назад


  • Sal Varsey
    Sal Varsey 4 часов назад

    'I actually never agree with meatball but he's right' .... omg lol

  • •by wonderland•
    •by wonderland• 4 часов назад

    Позакривали Пиздаки !!

  • Степан Старофф
    Степан Старофф 4 часов назад

    "Позакривали пиздаки!"

  • Yogesh Mishra
    Yogesh Mishra 5 часов назад

    7.25 what's the name of cartoon series? Can anyone name it ?

    GET THE HOLY WATER 5 часов назад

    Who else jumped at 6:00 because that wizard cgi shit?

  • KoLexBlue
    KoLexBlue 5 часов назад


  • Royell Wilkinson
    Royell Wilkinson 5 часов назад


  • AwkwardlyAmazing
    AwkwardlyAmazing 5 часов назад

    what does go back to saudi mean

  • TheFlying Oreo
    TheFlying Oreo 5 часов назад

    Excuse me felix, she's suffering from [inaudible] and I can't believe you're so insensitive! unsubscribed.

  • Leopold Soldo
    Leopold Soldo 5 часов назад

    oi Pewds i respect u and ur funny but could u please stop using Jesus's name in vain

  • ez
    ez 5 часов назад


  • Nathalie Helia
    Nathalie Helia 6 часов назад

    This was posted on my bday 😂😍

  • Tom Hermann
    Tom Hermann 6 часов назад

    "it started of with sports and now this" I don't want any more nightmares

  • Just listen with headphones
    Just listen with headphones 6 часов назад

    2:37 I remember that day...

  • I am ValZ
    I am ValZ 6 часов назад

    Brazil vs Germany 1-7 is the greatest football match in the history (and Im not german)

  • Nacional Socialismo Colombia
    Nacional Socialismo Colombia 7 часов назад

    the captions make magical the experience of the video

    xXENDERCRYXx 7 часов назад

    11:47 imagine hearing that at 3am lmao

  • Elyisum
    Elyisum 7 часов назад

    Damnit Felix, she's suffering from *Alablalalalbaa,* stop being so insensitive

  • ImaginationGamerXL
    ImaginationGamerXL 7 часов назад

    12:01 Lol

  • Uber Zúñiga
    Uber Zúñiga 7 часов назад

    I also think the soccer is so stupid to watch...

  • Joschka Moschka
    Joschka Moschka 7 часов назад

    This Soccer game was from the WC 2014