Liam Payne & J Balvin - Familiar (Official Video)

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  • Опубликовано: 3 недели назад
  • Liam Payne & J Balvin - Familiar (Official Video)
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  • Длительность: 3:25
  • Liam Payne Familiar Capitol Pop

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  • Abhik Bhaduri
    Abhik Bhaduri 11 минут назад

    *Congratulations Liam for 2M subscribers!!!*

  • tamca panikova
    tamca panikova 16 минут назад

    I love you!! I'm ten years old and I'm from slovak . and I'm sorry is it not one direction . i always wanted to see you live but i can not because I'm from slovak.❤

  • Martin Reyes
    Martin Reyes 35 минут назад

    This is the type of song that I would hear Alvin and The Chipmunks😂😂

  • Patti Davis
    Patti Davis 43 минут назад

    dance girl sexy

  • the Celtic fc fan
    the Celtic fc fan 45 минут назад

    nobody told me Selena Gomez's lookalike was in this (I did say lookalike

  • Melissa ka
    Melissa ka 47 минут назад

    Súper paja!! Rica Song!! 😎 #FAMILIAR

  • Isaias Mejia
    Isaias Mejia 50 минут назад

    2,000,000 de subs☺☺☺☺☺

  • Vre Diaz
    Vre Diaz 53 минут назад

    Gasparin x2 jajajja..buen video musical

  • Vikato kiho
    Vikato kiho 55 минут назад

    This song is gonna be a hit for sure

  • Isabella Alvarez
    Isabella Alvarez 57 минут назад


  • Isabella Alvarez
    Isabella Alvarez 1 часов назад

    1,999,953 Ya casi 2,000,000 :v

  • Carlos Martínez
    Carlos Martínez 1 часов назад

    Takes me back to "Señorita" <3 It´s really familiar and I love this!

  • emily dolan
    emily dolan 2 часов назад

    liam is so hot damn

  • Molina Kong
    Molina Kong 2 часов назад

    Is it you the one in one direction?

  • nathan sky
    nathan sky 2 часов назад

    Here for KING BALVIN 🔥🔥🔥

  • Em Gem
    Em Gem 2 часов назад

    LIAM?! put on a shirt! I can’t breathe!!😘😍😘😍😘😘🔥

  • Fabi Ortiz
    Fabi Ortiz 2 часов назад


  • Saul Juan
    Saul Juan 2 часов назад

    Family, Family, Family-ah I'm feeling, I'm feeling, I'm feeling ya

  • Ofe A.G.
    Ofe A.G. 3 часов назад


  • Marlene Yulissa Dela Cruz Bermudez
    Marlene Yulissa Dela Cruz Bermudez 3 часов назад

    La mejor cansion asta ha hora ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

    RICHARD ORDOÑEZ 3 часов назад

    j balvin uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Jose Adrian Rojas Chavez
    Jose Adrian Rojas Chavez 3 часов назад

    Exelente j Balvin pero el otro tonto

  • Lisbeth Martinez
    Lisbeth Martinez 4 часов назад

    Me encanta esta cancion

  • Yeizon Puma
    Yeizon Puma 4 часов назад

    new hit 2018

  • Uriel Alvarez
    Uriel Alvarez 4 часов назад

    Parecen Hwrmanos🇵🇷🇻🇪

  • Uriel Alvarez
    Uriel Alvarez 4 часов назад

    Parecen Hwrmanos🇵🇷🇻🇪

  • black mate
    black mate 4 часов назад

    Everyday I watch this video to look his views😎😎

  • Ed Vin
    Ed Vin 4 часов назад

    This tune is sooooooooooooo catchy

  • Mia Castillo
    Mia Castillo 4 часов назад


  • Hector Daniel Jimenez Caraveo
    Hector Daniel Jimenez Caraveo 4 часов назад

    Donde están los latinos

  • Laura Rangel Rangel
    Laura Rangel Rangel 4 часов назад

    me hubiera gustado que j balvin cantara mas en esta cancicón falto un poco mas de su sabor <3

  • sarah grace
    sarah grace 5 часов назад

    how can someone be so hot but also a cutie pie at the same time bye

  • Meryam Aouaj
    Meryam Aouaj 5 часов назад


  • Lu R
    Lu R 5 часов назад

    Pobre Liam :'(....salió de las tinieblas JAJAJAJAJAJAAJAJ XD

  • Anoneemouse
    Anoneemouse 5 часов назад

    Could this video get any more 2005? It even has a weirdly dressed spanish guy... Where the car neons and the red cups?

  • Carlos Morochara Cutipa
    Carlos Morochara Cutipa 5 часов назад

    Esta de chevre la música me la paso muy boen

  • Ńïkkï C:
    Ńïkkï C: 5 часов назад

    So catchy 🤗🤗

  • Hugo
    Hugo 5 часов назад

    what kind of pants is liam wearing in this video ? looks comfortable af

  • Gabriel 07
    Gabriel 07 6 часов назад

    Ahora que sea Zayn Malik y Maluma 😃

  • Mohammed Ghasemali
    Mohammed Ghasemali 6 часов назад

    What happend to One Direction??

  • Aby F
    Aby F 6 часов назад

    I’m here for jbalvin

  • Angel Bear
    Angel Bear 6 часов назад

    Well I'm pregnant now

  • Jandeilson de Sousa
    Jandeilson de Sousa 6 часов назад

    Amei esse pop topzêra.

  • Haylee Grimm
    Haylee Grimm 6 часов назад

    Love this Lima Bean!❤️💙💚



  • Mimi Fan/Fam
    Mimi Fan/Fam 7 часов назад

    2020 🤞🥕❤️😄

  • Monserrath Rodriguez
    Monserrath Rodriguez 7 часов назад

    éxito global j balbin y liam piayne _familiar arriba j balbin 👍Si eres colombiano 😍😘😘😍

  • Lucas Paulo
    Lucas Paulo 7 часов назад

    LIAM ❤️

  • sara salas
    sara salas 7 часов назад

    los amooo, es genialllll

  • Alison Gómez
    Alison Gómez 7 часов назад

    ¿Qué clase de Maluma es esto? jajaja