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  • Gonnamakeutakit :p
    Gonnamakeutakit :p 3 часов назад

    This video made me sub

  • Super Saiyan Rosě Goku Black
    Super Saiyan Rosě Goku Black 15 часов назад

    . .

  • Bugs Bunny
    Bugs Bunny 21 часов назад


  • Tcg1
    Tcg1 22 часов назад

    anyone else have a hunch that he cant rainbow any whis ;)

  • dokkan boy
    dokkan boy 22 часов назад

    2 many lrs for you btw you lucky af!!!! I'm salty

  • aurey Col-Hos
    aurey Col-Hos 1 дня назад

    u r probably the best streamer for dokkan ive seen😂😂😂😂 ur commentary is too entertaining, im defintely giving u a follow and thumbs up

  • Dawishes DaGamer
    Dawishes DaGamer 1 дня назад

    Bro you should have stopped on LR Black

  • Lazy King
    Lazy King 2 дня назад

    still waiting on that box showcase. if that video gets posted I don't need porn anymore.

  • Lazy King
    Lazy King 2 дня назад

    can you plz share your bragonball ost playlist?

  • Chaos Lord
    Chaos Lord 2 дня назад

    from where did you get the stones? i mean from who

    ApEX ZoMBIE 2 дня назад

    Where do he get his stones

  • Althani Nooble
    Althani Nooble 2 дня назад

    Who did he say to talk to about private server? Ignit vegeta?

  • Muftah Elmehdawi
    Muftah Elmehdawi 2 дня назад

    you should not waste money on stuff like this and if youare dont spend more than 100$! some people dont even have anything to eat!

  • Simon L
    Simon L 2 дня назад

    What’s the card at the bottom right next to Jiren?

  • BadBoyBroly
    BadBoyBroly 2 дня назад

    DOKKAN BATTLE BOSS RUSH 2 ON SUPER 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfda1bQnbeg&t=220s BADBOYBROLY

  • Geri nonya
    Geri nonya 3 дня назад


  • Bandai Plays
    Bandai Plays 3 дня назад

    Rainbow teq Final form frieza

  • Lets Go Blues!!!
    Lets Go Blues!!! 3 дня назад

    My god man 6000 stones?!?!?! I get that you probably buy a big amount that been discounted a decent amount but still that has gotta cost quite a bit a money!!! I'd kill to have that many stones right now!!!! I only got 3 so I'm going to try to beat Boss Rush Stage 3 so I could get those 30 stones then I can at least pull on this new banner on global. Please everyone wish me luck!!!!

  • Jonathan Hamilton
    Jonathan Hamilton 4 дня назад

    This is so sad. I got Beerus my SECOND multi summon man. I feel bad for you. Good luck tho

  • BadBoyBroly
    BadBoyBroly 4 дня назад

    https://youtu.be/3ggoxAF-N4g DOKKAN BATTLE GERMANY 🇩🇪

  • goku ssgss kaioken x10
    goku ssgss kaioken x10 4 дня назад


  • Agent North
    Agent North 4 дня назад

    Single summon and got myself an LR Trunks and I freaked out a bit. Second summonable LR for me.

  • Donovan Stephany
    Donovan Stephany 5 дня назад


  • Antonio Valle
    Antonio Valle 5 дня назад

    Nano:*saves money because when you think about it, Its not worth it* Rhyme:*also saves because its not worth it* DT:*spends at least +100$ on a video.* Edit: Sorry, Almost more than $2,000. *OH MY GOD* 😂

  • Noctis Caelum
    Noctis Caelum 5 дня назад

    He’s gotta be using a stone service right? I don’t think he’d be buying 6000+ Using the in game store that’s gotta be a fortune even with using that YouTube money

  • YoungJefe
    YoungJefe 5 дня назад

    Dbz world pulled Lr Berrus 2nd fucking multi. Wtf

  • Sc4ndal0uS
    Sc4ndal0uS 5 дня назад

    Man I keep writing in comments and you keep ignoring :D. You need to pursue voice acting career.

  • New age Justice
    New age Justice 5 дня назад

    YourEnd7 telling you to keep going is ironic to say the least. BRO you made a video crying about how you were in debt and now you're egging on others to do the same?

  • samuil stoyanov
    samuil stoyanov 5 дня назад

    No way

  • memes n stuff
    memes n stuff 5 дня назад

    i got a lr ssj3 goku the first time i pulled on the 2x ssr rates banner XD

  • Aihcsalohcin
    Aihcsalohcin 5 дня назад

    "oops my hand slipped" you're a funny guy buddy, heres my sub :) hope i have your luck of pulling two LRs

  • Edwin George
    Edwin George 5 дня назад


  • Jacky Wong
    Jacky Wong 5 дня назад

    Crazy bro! I like ur videos!

  • Kold world
    Kold world 5 дня назад

    So these are private servers he plays on ,??

    • Канал Ossisk
      Bronson63 2018-04-19T04:57:22.000Z

      Kold world no, he just spends a lot of money

  • Brogeta Blue
    Brogeta Blue 5 дня назад

    I just pulled LR beerus on my third single summon....

  • Killian Montgomery
    Killian Montgomery 5 дня назад

    The music from the very beginning i belive is from yu gi oh the falsebourn kingdom please correct ne if im wrong

  • SuperSaiyanGodAMVer s
    SuperSaiyanGodAMVer s 5 дня назад

    This is the proof that even if you are f2p you can still have 11 rainbow LRs

  • HypnoticSorin
    HypnoticSorin 5 дня назад

    So this dude has to either have a hacked dokkan or is getting stones with hacked cards/chargebacks. Who in the hell would put that much money into this game. For views? Just play fortnite or something

  • Max Ross
    Max Ross 5 дня назад

    We need a DaTruthDT summoning drinking game.

  • M J
    M J 5 дня назад

    Is this a private server ?

  • M J
    M J 5 дня назад

    It's not even any fun more. With 8000 stones you can pull every card on the banner. It takes out the suspense. Also you're wasting your money

    • Канал Ossisk
      Ax Z 2018-04-19T08:08:01.000Z

      M J I actually agree Like with nano Or rhyme In a video they might not pull it Which makes the video entertaining when they pull what they want It makes it all the more hype

    PSFANM8E 5 дня назад


  • Nick Maupin
    Nick Maupin 5 дня назад

    And people say you aren’t the LR King

  • 10 Dragon Ball z Gt Super
    10 Dragon Ball z Gt Super 5 дня назад


  • Corkelk Alllebach
    Corkelk Alllebach 5 дня назад

    You could take the lr gohan to his the state and make him lr gohan best friend.

  • Xx Super Animation xX I
    Xx Super Animation xX I 6 дня назад

    I almost thought I pull him too but it was int beerus

  • Christopher 15432
    Christopher 15432 6 дня назад

    Dokkan is boring asab now all you can do is events and world tournament like dokkan step it upyou losing clought now yea they coming out with new lrs but i thought lrs was supposed to be ledgendary not a joke like hercule or tien there are more than 20 lrs whats the meaning of ledgendary now?

  • DokkanExclusive_ 2017
    DokkanExclusive_ 2017 6 дня назад

    Oh... ssj rage vegeta isn't global exclusive anymore 🙃

  • RomantheWarrior
    RomantheWarrior 6 дня назад

    The LR Broly meme for you has found a new form...smh

  • Marioplazgames
    Marioplazgames 6 дня назад

    i ment jp