Drake - God's Plan

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    AtmGamer89 2 минут назад

    Griezmann se queda!! AUPA ATLETI SIEMPRE!

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    manoj kumar 13 минут назад

    she say do you love i say partly i only love my bed and my momma i am sorry

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  • kac022796
    kac022796 20 минут назад

    Hope you giving the same love toward your son drizzy

    XXX-D3MON- XXX 22 минут назад

    Kill X? Okay now die YOU!

    BASTER 26 минут назад

    Помогать это хорошо :-)

  • xSlash ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    xSlash ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 27 минут назад

    Lol 652 mln, hello

  • P Dub
    P Dub 28 минут назад

    Drake is a good guy

  • Kazern
    Kazern 31 минут назад

    Phone's Plan Parody (MADE BY ME) idk if its good They wishing and wishing and wishing and wishing and wishing -Yeah -They trynna leak the Phones is a struggle for me -Trynna keep it working is a struggle for me -Don't text me at 6am just to show me ur Phone for me. -You know how i like it when texting on me. -I don't wanna lose my Phone i'll miss him -Yes i see the modifications that they're wishing -Hope i got some brothers that can fix it for me -They are gonna tell that the phones was easy for me. Phone's plan, Phone's plan -I lose my Phone sometimes i don't. yuh. -I remember my passwords sometimes i don't AYY -I Just download Pokemon GO ,AYY -Market might go down., Yeah, WAIT -I go hard on Pokemons yuh. -I make sure it's not P.U.B.G yah. -And say -Ive been losing some Phones. -Don't start no trouble with me. -Ive been on the market since 1903 -Trynna be alive is a struggle for me ---------------------------------------------------------- MADE BY A BAD WRITER (me)

  • Lisa  Ross
    Lisa Ross 37 минут назад

    Quit bragging anyone that matters already knows what you do...the rest hate...

  • Christos Pallis
    Christos Pallis 38 минут назад

    Rip X

  • Unknown 30
    Unknown 30 42 минут назад

    I hope everyone is having a good day

  • Alternate Videos
    Alternate Videos 43 минут назад

    whats with the weird muscly man appearing throughout the video?

  • Toasha Gorrie
    Toasha Gorrie 45 минут назад

    I wish you could suprise me😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 im not mad.

  • Miran Gaming
    Miran Gaming 48 минут назад

    These kids who were dancing predicted season 4 of fortnite lol nice music video god bless you drake

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  • Jonathan Williem YT Indo
    Jonathan Williem YT Indo 1 часов назад

    fck you,you kill x bitch you

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    jks stefany 1 часов назад

    R.I.P xxxtencion killer drake

  • J Flem
    J Flem 1 часов назад

    The Lord is Good

  • Pejo Anic
    Pejo Anic 1 часов назад

    Nice Song!!!!!

  • felipe vieira
    felipe vieira 1 часов назад

    Calma gente o drake era pobre antes!! AGT AINDA TEM CHANCE!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Sonax 09
    Sonax 09 1 часов назад

    Najs video bro

  • Agata Traut
    Agata Traut 1 часов назад

    Rip X

  • Agata Traut
    Agata Traut 1 часов назад

    Rip c

  • patriots blount
    patriots blount 1 часов назад

    Love you man

  • Faiz Lazuardi 27
    Faiz Lazuardi 27 1 часов назад

    Yeah God's plan

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    xSrDaniG 2 часов назад

    Since you like to give away money, I require 3000 dollars to get out of trouble! my family is going through a bad time of monetary resource ! :(

  • Lakshya Sangwani
    Lakshya Sangwani 2 часов назад

    3:16 *feelsbadman* for the bodyguard.

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  • Ryan Matthew
    Ryan Matthew 2 часов назад

    Not a huge fan of drake but the message from this song is a good message, good work with this song

  • Kawal Arnhem
    Kawal Arnhem 2 часов назад

    mrbeast his dad :)

  • I'm Frob
    I'm Frob 2 часов назад

    So it's not ok to copy a movement? It's a movement, and we always trying to help others but we aren't allowed to help others now? Drake is above X anyways, money and fame wise. Why would this man ruin his career when he already bringing millions in? He won't do that shit and he never will. He never killed X, now calm your shit, people.

  • maimai_playz 1
    maimai_playz 1 2 часов назад

    He had sum to do with his death! That's what I heard

  • OwnYourGamers
    OwnYourGamers 2 часов назад

    Respect for this man damm Drake you are the man who makes evry person on earth happy respect for you bro hopfully God will bless you ✌👌💯😘😘

  • Handi Jobe
    Handi Jobe 2 часов назад

    Which God? Lol

  • Roll Beast Gaming
    Roll Beast Gaming 2 часов назад

    2018 june 22?

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    epic gamer 2 часов назад

    RIP xxx

  • epic gamer
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  • Quthubullapur MIM Balanagar
    Quthubullapur MIM Balanagar 2 часов назад

    Drake's Plan

  • Studsy_14
    Studsy_14 2 часов назад

    This should have way over a billion views. This shit beautiful.

  • - Ez4Pz - iOS
    - Ez4Pz - iOS 2 часов назад

    3:15 to the right of drake the man turned his back does not know what to do

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  • - Ez4Pz - iOS
    - Ez4Pz - iOS 2 часов назад

    2k18 June 22th