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Rich The Kid - Dead Friends

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  • Опубликовано: 4 месяцев назад
  • Rich The Kid - Dead Friends
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  • Длительность: 4:43
  • Rich The Kid Dead Friends (TDE/ISR PS) Rap

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  • Jeremiah Kinloch
    Jeremiah Kinloch 13 часов назад

    Big boss

  • charmanater
    charmanater 2 дня назад

    uzi looks like walmart brand

  • yaboy dog
    yaboy dog 2 дня назад

    God dam blood

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 дня назад

    Beat at the end is fire

  • kyle kemp
    kyle kemp 5 дня назад

    whats up with everyone trying take uzi style and tempo what type of shit is this like fr

  • Dank Anchovy
    Dank Anchovy 6 дня назад

    who after here uzi on rich pulled? 😂😂

  • Sky Belden
    Sky Belden 7 дня назад

    Bro Plug walk is fire that's why he has it in this song ;) love u rich da kid keep n=makin fire

  • Noah Andrews
    Noah Andrews 7 дня назад

    Like if Uzi is better than rich

  • Noumenon Drift
    Noumenon Drift 1 недели назад

    honestly, garbage ass song

  • ITZ_stani_ 200
    ITZ_stani_ 200 1 недели назад


  • Sonia707
    Sonia707 1 недели назад


  • Big Lc Sneaks
    Big Lc Sneaks 1 недели назад


  • Red Bull
    Red Bull 1 недели назад

    This was a weak ass diss

  • Lenin Guzman
    Lenin Guzman 1 недели назад

    So Rich killed his boii because he was trying to come up ! smh telling yall this illuminati shir brazy !

  • Jon Anderson
    Jon Anderson 1 недели назад

    the CEO man is great aka rich the kid

  • Dj Xpentium
    Dj Xpentium 1 недели назад

    I'm sorry😔 my brothers 🙏

  • Dj Xpentium
    Dj Xpentium 1 недели назад

    I like your Music

  • racks rari
    racks rari 1 недели назад

    Theyre deadass mimicking uzi with that green coloured haird dude '

  • JetmanYT
    JetmanYT 1 недели назад

    0:00 that car in jailbreak roblox

  • B Holder
    B Holder 2 недели назад

    This would be harder if had Uzi instead of the other way around 😂😂😂 this song is hard but it’s not the same after their run in

  • Julez Jackson
    Julez Jackson 2 недели назад

    This really got uzi all in his feelings?

  • Gameboy6 Tanki
    Gameboy6 Tanki 2 недели назад

    Same beat as Grinding in YFN Lucci’s Album Frieda’s Son

  • A
    A 2 недели назад

    Haha that ain't rap that's called talking with bad grammar.

  • Amir Dedmon
    Amir Dedmon 2 недели назад

    Good beat

  • Amir Dedmon
    Amir Dedmon 2 недели назад

    This song is dope

  • Gustavo Meza
    Gustavo Meza 2 недели назад

    nigga lil uzi beat your ass

  • Daz Joh
    Daz Joh 2 недели назад

    1Rich the kid aint do nuthin but run when uzi pulled up and rich the kid need to keep them glasses on his forehead is huge

  • Pangit
    Pangit 2 недели назад

    RIP My Dude

  • JSR 286
    JSR 286 2 недели назад


  • Bobiñurmothr 2018
    Bobiñurmothr 2018 2 недели назад

    Garbage rap

    XXGAMING 2 недели назад


  • Johnny Burns
    Johnny Burns 2 недели назад

    Rich the kid is a pussy he ran form Uzi and rich had people around him and Uzi had no one and Rich was still scared to fight what a pussy ass nigga

  • Zane Garrett
    Zane Garrett 2 недели назад


    THOMAS 2 недели назад


  • Oryan Smith
    Oryan Smith 2 недели назад

    Bruh this is the shit

  • CoolArfoDode
    CoolArfoDode 2 недели назад

    Get you're W I G Split!!

  • Emilien Cotrait
    Emilien Cotrait 2 недели назад

    Fuck u Rich the kid... Uzi je better than u ! STOP your bullshit ! 😡🖕

  • Bruce Luttah
    Bruce Luttah 2 недели назад


  • 7400 Kings
    7400 Kings 3 недели назад

    Wasn't uzi rappin way before mr plug walk over here

  • agthaog1986
    agthaog1986 3 недели назад

    This beat go with the whole cover n scarface theme

  • Do you know da wey ?
    Do you know da wey ? 3 недели назад

    how these kids can make milions of $ with 100mil views on youtube ?

  • David Tolentino
    David Tolentino 3 недели назад

    I came here after he took hella L's

  • SpinninBackfisted
    SpinninBackfisted 3 недели назад


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    TWEEZY 1900BLK records 3 недели назад

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  • Genevieve Mensah
    Genevieve Mensah 3 недели назад

    Okay still rich took it to far

  • Genevieve Mensah
    Genevieve Mensah 3 недели назад

    I know this was about uzi

  • Cāmrōn Dā Vīncī
    Cāmrōn Dā Vīncī 3 недели назад

    3:48 Are You In Good Hands 😂🤔🤔

  • Chilly Lee
    Chilly Lee 3 недели назад

    Fuk Vinson

  • TheOne War Lord
    TheOne War Lord 3 недели назад

    What the song that was playing in the opening scene

  • Porkks
    Porkks 3 недели назад

    My new favorite mumble rappee