6IX9INE "Gotti" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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  • SoyMarco
    SoyMarco 10 секунд назад


  • Colyn Treat
    Colyn Treat 15 секунд назад

    This fuckin song is horrible

  • Style Watch
    Style Watch 55 секунд назад


  • Luis Felipe Toloza Antileo
    Luis Felipe Toloza Antileo 2 минут назад

    Desde Chile buta que esta buena esta wuea por la chucha🔥🔥

  • Nathan Bullock
    Nathan Bullock 2 минут назад

    When did Skittles make music

  • FAAmous 3x
    FAAmous 3x 3 минут назад

    gotti gotti

  • Mr Flexington
    Mr Flexington 5 минут назад

    One of the hardest songs out omm 💯

  • trap lord
    trap lord 5 минут назад

    f the song, who was shorty in the orange??

  • Rodolfo Daniel
    Rodolfo Daniel 6 минут назад

    mas feo

  • jesus martinez
    jesus martinez 7 минут назад

    6 for 6 !

  • Jesús Reyes.
    Jesús Reyes. 7 минут назад

    696K Six None!

  • breezy 983
    breezy 983 7 минут назад

    Dude even gave out his last 20 also 🙏🙇

  • wilderLife
    wilderLife 7 минут назад


  • Jorge Cervantes
    Jorge Cervantes 8 минут назад

    This is my summer song of the year🔥🔥makes proud to b latino n see him giving money to thm people some look so shock like they thought the money was fake or believe it was really happening👍👌💯💯good shit 69🙏💯🙏💯69 69

  • Arch
    Arch 8 минут назад

    Gods plan on a budget.

  • Goat The Coby GTC
    Goat The Coby GTC 8 минут назад

    This Hard Asf He should stay to this type of side of him

  • Ace Savage
    Ace Savage 9 минут назад


  • evaristo pineda
    evaristo pineda 9 минут назад

    6 FOR 6🔥

  • Scorpio
    Scorpio 9 минут назад

    How is this auto tune shit considered music? Y'all simple af

  • Eugene Chou
    Eugene Chou 11 минут назад

    Y did a lot look ungrateful?

  • IsAbeLLa Schelberger
    IsAbeLLa Schelberger 12 минут назад

    1:58 😂 water got in his eye

  • luck
    luck 14 минут назад

    have my respect

  • Awesome Tho
    Awesome Tho 14 минут назад

    Bro u ugly and funny ur songs are a joke tho😂😂😂😂 and the girls u sating are uglyer then u so sad😂😂😂😂

  • Black wolf Production
    Black wolf Production 15 минут назад

    Slow version its nice

  • FatimaVlogs Jazmine
    FatimaVlogs Jazmine 15 минут назад

    1:33 she has a fake butt who else caught that 😂

  • Yash Squad Mafia WaveGang/SplashGang
    Yash Squad Mafia WaveGang/SplashGang 16 минут назад

    Gotti Gotti

  • Damian Matias
    Damian Matias 16 минут назад

    Gay gay

  • Duo Xity
    Duo Xity 17 минут назад

    Girl in the orange’s @?

  • Kyle Corfman
    Kyle Corfman 18 минут назад

    Gotti Gotti

  • Ayesha Abbasi
    Ayesha Abbasi 18 минут назад


  • ddbot12
    ddbot12 19 минут назад

    pause at 0:29 and you will see an ugly Mexican kid getting his teeth fixed at a dentist

  • lee metekingi
    lee metekingi 19 минут назад

    Cool Song for a fruity dude

  • Cristian
    Cristian 19 минут назад


    JUAN CASTILLO 19 минут назад

    Nose, pero a mi me gusto más que god's plan :)

  • Sandra Berry
    Sandra Berry 19 минут назад

    What is girls will happen to your daughter and her girlfriend

  • John Snakes
    John Snakes 19 минут назад

    Doesn't this guy think he's a gangster and call him self the king of New York? But he puts his face on some chick? Bro this fag wants to be a tranny.

  • Decibel 140
    Decibel 140 20 минут назад

    gary gary

  • SK Energy
    SK Energy 20 минут назад

    The Girl In The Orange Is My Cousin I'm Not Lying!!!!!! OMG I SWEAR THATS HER! We Visit Her In Mexico With My Fam And We Would Play Games And Stuff I'm Not Lying That IS My Cousin

    LIL ANGEL 20 минут назад

    I hate 69 but this song chill

  • Lauri Victoria
    Lauri Victoria 21 минут назад

    696k likes :vvv 😱😱😱

  • NoZ Plays
    NoZ Plays 21 минут назад

    30 million incoming 😦😦😦

  • miriam villanueva
    miriam villanueva 21 минут назад

    You have a good spirit

  • Lil Chocolate
    Lil Chocolate 21 минут назад

    Best photoshopped rainbow Not hating just noticed it

  • Danny M
    Danny M 22 минут назад

    Hood niggas all about rainbows now? Gay ass fuck.

  • Hypermonkey 21
    Hypermonkey 21 22 минут назад


  • Spartha 2016
    Spartha 2016 22 минут назад

    Tono perfecto para el dúo con #Arcangel

  • NullDullAndAlone
    NullDullAndAlone 22 минут назад

    I knew dude was gonna make it big

  • Juan Ramirez
    Juan Ramirez 22 минут назад

    Is it really hating if this lame, gay ass, chester mf sucks?

  • dane aragon
    dane aragon 23 минут назад

    eatin on some chilli

  • 420b1az31t
    420b1az31t 23 минут назад

    2:22 DEM PLATONOS FUCK 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥