6IX9INE "Gotti" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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  • 69 Chavez69
    69 Chavez69 7 минут назад

    90% of u lames didn't know, X. All u clout chasers as well.

  • Jaqueline Antilef
    Jaqueline Antilef 11 минут назад


  • Dan Sul
    Dan Sul 13 минут назад

    autotune paedophile

  • Jei Blazee
    Jei Blazee 13 минут назад

    YouTube mrelceazy

  • Dan Sul
    Dan Sul 13 минут назад

    Bro those girls are too old for this guy, where are the 14 yr olds at?

  • leandro lg
    leandro lg 16 минут назад


  • Kleyver ventura
    Kleyver ventura 16 минут назад


  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 17 минут назад

    Imagine if he bit his tongue with those teeth

  • Meel Samaniego
    Meel Samaniego 19 минут назад


  • Meel Samaniego
    Meel Samaniego 19 минут назад

    i love you so much 6ix9ine

  • Flor Andrad3
    Flor Andrad3 24 минут назад


  • Leobardo Estrada Gomez
    Leobardo Estrada Gomez 24 минут назад

    Orgullo mexicano

  • Just Jaziyah
    Just Jaziyah 24 минут назад

    The all knew 6ix9ine was a girl

  • Just Jaziyah
    Just Jaziyah 26 минут назад

    Why is his head so big in the thumbnail thoo

  • Seetizen2
    Seetizen2 29 минут назад

    The best.

    UM JOGADOR VICIADOTM 30 минут назад

    Gari Gari. ( R.I.P XXXTENTACION ) !

  • ItzShipi7w7 reyfujoshi-3-
    ItzShipi7w7 reyfujoshi-3- 31 минут назад

    Rip x:( a good friend:'(

  • Ernest Perez
    Ernest Perez 37 минут назад

    That ass is fucking nasty as fuck .it looks like she farted and it never came out.lol

  • Karen Medek
    Karen Medek 38 минут назад

    Did u notice that 6ix put his face on a woman

  • Jamari Plunkett
    Jamari Plunkett 45 минут назад

    Get yo gay ass on

  • Ryu Dragon
    Ryu Dragon 49 минут назад

    69 Brazil ...

  • maximo jimenez
    maximo jimenez 50 минут назад

    you is like is vdo

  • Andrey Andrey
    Andrey Andrey 50 минут назад


  • Antonio Carlos
    Antonio Carlos 52 минут назад

    Brasil tmb em peso nessa porra.. black é cultura carai

  • Darren Moses
    Darren Moses 53 минут назад


  • Darren Moses
    Darren Moses 54 минут назад

    Nice editing

  • L corleon
    L corleon 55 минут назад

    Much respect for giving out over 3 grand to family's who need it

  • Raul Rocha Victor
    Raul Rocha Victor 56 минут назад

    Sou brasileiro e fico feliz pela ação de 69 ótimo

  • Crish PE
    Crish PE 59 минут назад

    "Quiero parar él tiempo y cogerme a la más linda del salón" *tu de pequeño* :U

  • Johnny Test
    Johnny Test 1 часов назад

    Who is the girl at 0:56?😍😍

  • Eloy Castro
    Eloy Castro 1 часов назад

    Soy khea bro

  • G daRilla
    G daRilla 1 часов назад

    Anybody that can jus go around giving out hunids he for my respect 💯

    NOISEONOMICON 1 часов назад

    this fucker is already dead? fuck all these shit "rappers"

  • Proger13 10
    Proger13 10 1 часов назад

    0:29 *"Sorry man but one of my nuts hangs lower than the other one"*

  • XfuckingD
    XfuckingD 1 часов назад

    never knew he was swiss german

  • Milo Cruz
    Milo Cruz 1 часов назад

    Can someone tell me who is x

    • Канал Ossisk
      Ur Sister A Mister 2018-06-22T23:26:05.000Z

      Milo Cruz a famous doctor who invented the sport Darude Sandstorm

  • Tieshia Woods
    Tieshia Woods 1 часов назад

    i watched thus vud like eight times and i still dont get why he had hus face on a girls body

  • BillRockz 04
    BillRockz 04 1 часов назад

    Anyone notice the ball hit his head at 0:38

  • Yo-yo Yobo
    Yo-yo Yobo 1 часов назад

    Rip x

  • JOÃO 17
    JOÃO 17 1 часов назад


  • Denny Hyer
    Denny Hyer 1 часов назад

    Good thing this video has hot women in it 😂 because it's hot trash. Gotti Gotti more like garbage garbage

  • 666Bmx666 Bmx666
    666Bmx666 Bmx666 1 часов назад

    fajne (Y)

  • Fernando Lira Carneiro dos Santos
    Fernando Lira Carneiro dos Santos 1 часов назад

    I really liked it a lot

  • sicko D
    sicko D 1 часов назад

    R.I.P X

  • Felipe Gonçalves Kessler
    Felipe Gonçalves Kessler 1 часов назад


    • Канал Ossisk
      JOÃO 17 2018-06-22T23:21:17.000Z

      Felipe Gonçalves Kessler claro

  • TheFerociousPro Gaming and more!!
    TheFerociousPro Gaming and more!! 1 часов назад

    Rest in peace Xxx

  • Santiago Hoyos
    Santiago Hoyos 1 часов назад


  • Gasolinera La Joya
    Gasolinera La Joya 1 часов назад

    Don’t trust no punks bro

  • Jhordi Tulande
    Jhordi Tulande 1 часов назад

    xxx rip em paz

  • luiz felipe
    luiz felipe 1 часов назад

    Esse cara parece com o winderson Nunes ou eu estou ficando doido ?