Florence + The Machine - Hunger

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  • Julia
    Julia 23 часов назад

    Teraz tylko Koncert w Polsce!

  • Tripper Dreamsters
    Tripper Dreamsters 1 дня назад

    just like the statue i stand in silence forever even when everyone surounds it with questions in there minds about its mystery

  • Iliana Tangarova
    Iliana Tangarova 1 дня назад

    the queen has returned

  • Justin Cavanagh
    Justin Cavanagh 2 дня назад

    Chilled a front . God only knows where I die next. She be right mate . Glad to see Miley write , fights over . Music to my ears , felt a calm over me a. Peace

  • Justin Cavanagh
    Justin Cavanagh 2 дня назад

    Thanks for being nice , I'll buy you a drink one day

  • Justin Cavanagh
    Justin Cavanagh 2 дня назад

    Feeling sorry for yourself or just giving up . Is weak , earth isn't weak . It's hard , very hard . Nothing is easy . Shit happens

  • Justin Cavanagh
    Justin Cavanagh 2 дня назад

    It's a hard planet. Hard makes great music

  • Justin Cavanagh
    Justin Cavanagh 2 дня назад

    Never feel piity for anyone mate . Sometimes, I feel I'm the only one that believes in God . But that is all that matters

  • Mitch McMitch
    Mitch McMitch 3 дня назад

    Her music is my favorite drug

  • lio marvel
    lio marvel 3 дня назад

    Those statues make me think of the weeping angles from doctor who Don't blink

  • Ryan VanDenBerg
    Ryan VanDenBerg 4 дня назад

    "I thought that love was in the drugs but the more I took the more it took away and I could never get enough"

  • zlivalavida
    zlivalavida 4 дня назад

    You make a fool of death with your beauty.

  • Daniel Leinad
    Daniel Leinad 4 дня назад


  • Michael Dornelas
    Michael Dornelas 4 дня назад


  • PinkiePicklePie
    PinkiePicklePie 4 дня назад

    This is for all the LGBT poc who walked into an art museum and stared at one piece for hours

  • Felipe Brockveld
    Felipe Brockveld 4 дня назад

    I want to tell your story Stefani, may I?

  • Darragh Mallon
    Darragh Mallon 5 дня назад


  • edie grace
    edie grace 5 дня назад

    can't believe i had the privilege of seeing this live <3 thank you florence, for making such wonderful music and bringing it to the world!

  • Hoàng Sơn
    Hoàng Sơn 5 дня назад

    Best song of 2018. No doubt!!!

  • Jonathan Gough
    Jonathan Gough 6 дня назад

    Is it just me or is she talking about sex in the chours

  • †Dramatic soul†
    †Dramatic soul† 6 дня назад

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 someone else wanna dance ?????

  • Max Allen
    Max Allen 6 дня назад

    imagine florence playing a movie villain omg she would be so good

  • Diend Zayn
    Diend Zayn 7 дня назад

    Florence-chan is shining starlight beyond lame musics/songs nowadays

  • Blurryface The Cry Baby
    Blurryface The Cry Baby 7 дня назад

    I can’t believe I just discovered Florence + the machine She awesome 👏🏾

  • Jonathan Vazquez
    Jonathan Vazquez 7 дня назад

    The last sentence at the end of video is throwing me off. Not entirely sure what that's trying to say.

  • Luke
    Luke 1 недели назад

    How could someone dislike this beautiful song?

  • Shubham Shukla
    Shubham Shukla 1 недели назад

    This deserves a grammy

  • Diana Al-azzam
    Diana Al-azzam 1 недели назад

    She's crazy, I love it

  • Brett Clough
    Brett Clough 1 недели назад

    So this is Amazons Alexas favorite band

  • kawaii42
    kawaii42 1 недели назад

    I feel like this whole song is a Pop Stars lament

  • Felipe Brockveld
    Felipe Brockveld 1 недели назад

    unless I direct it all, the answer is no.

  • cinzia cliffyna
    cinzia cliffyna 1 недели назад

    meravigliosa davvero

  • Jake Le Caudey
    Jake Le Caudey 1 недели назад

    What is the sentence about at the very end of the song?

  • luigi b
    luigi b 1 недели назад

    strabelissima una tra le canzoni piu belle al mondo

  • Black Velveteen
    Black Velveteen 1 недели назад

    Sometimes I don’t only listen to metal. That’s the reason why.

    H.ONELIX 1 недели назад

    She honestly has a beautiful voice 🥰🥰🥰

  • Rouyden Lake
    Rouyden Lake 2 недели назад

    I thought that love was in the drugs but the more I took the more it took away and I could never get enough. NEW ZEALAND https://www.facebook.com/rouyden

  • Sara Baceviciute
    Sara Baceviciute 2 недели назад

    One of the best song that was ever written <3

  • diego dagostino
    diego dagostino 2 недели назад

    Amo esta canción, y a toda la música de Florence.

    • Канал Ossisk
      shei vitorero 2019-01-15T20:04:05.000Z

      Que sean 3

    • Канал Ossisk
      José Cruz 2019-01-13T01:54:27.000Z

      diego dagostino ya somos dos!

  • Rani Sam
    Rani Sam 2 недели назад

    I love the way she moves «3

  • Amélie
    Amélie 2 недели назад

    eu te adoro Brasil gata BRAZIL ocê é maravinhosaa

  • Jose Ramirez
    Jose Ramirez 2 недели назад

    2019 😄✌

  • takk78
    takk78 2 недели назад

    I can't quite express how annoying I find her voice. It's like I'm hearing my mother shouting to wake me up and go to school. Or a cheezy housewife gossiping. Really I will never understand why people like her. Plus she always chooses songs that are supposed to have a "deeper meaning", but they are so generic. And who cares anyway, life is in the simplest things. I'm not a hater. I am just protesting about the airplay list on the radio. I think I have a right to protest.

    • Канал Ossisk
      takk78 2019-01-12T13:30:43.000Z

      +Cassie CouzensApologies, I didn't mean it this way.

    • Канал Ossisk
      Cassie Couzens 2019-01-11T18:42:36.000Z

      Honey that sounds like hate

  • Friendly Worm
    Friendly Worm 2 недели назад

    When bitter people generalize and say something like, "All music coming out today is vapid," then show them this!

  • Ana Paula
    Ana Paula 2 недели назад

    Não gosto da Florence, mas essa música é foda demais, hinão❤

  • Fer Per
    Fer Per 2 недели назад

    Só 90s i Love that

  • Trev Mac
    Trev Mac 2 недели назад

    she looks like a young David Lee Roth if David was a woman

  • Jon Quist
    Jon Quist 2 недели назад

    That's just so good.

  • Yaz Morales
    Yaz Morales 2 недели назад

    I remember when I visited London a few years ago and the Ceremonials album promotion was on. I thinked that Florence was a prerraphaelist muse.

  • crosscat1
    crosscat1 2 недели назад

    Great song and video