Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day | Official Trailer E3 2019

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  • Lucio Celso
    Lucio Celso 12 минут назад

    ultimate alliance 1 & 2 is better than this.. pass

  • Sonicopi
    Sonicopi 22 минут назад

    1:44 black widow don’t stand too close to the edge, you might get flashbacks

  • Sonicopi
    Sonicopi 24 минут назад

    0:13 her: you know that old saying? Me: captain America? Yeah he’s old. Her: can you stop Me: no, I don’t think I will Her: leaves

  • Mauricio Yoshikage
    Mauricio Yoshikage 26 минут назад

    I still think DC is better in game-making.

  • kool aid gamer dud xdd
    kool aid gamer dud xdd 27 минут назад

    if there’s no Stan lee caneo im not buying it

  • Tommy Fresh
    Tommy Fresh 39 минут назад

    Marvel: We over saturated the movie industry so much with shitty movies, now we must do the same to the gaming industry. Don't worry the sheep will lap it up just like the movies. Everyone: BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • tinyglock-n-roll 1
    tinyglock-n-roll 1 56 минут назад

    Hawkeye: am I a joke to you?

  • Reeta Chandel
    Reeta Chandel 57 минут назад

    Plsss improve tony stark face like real beard

  • Nano 2.0
    Nano 2.0 1 часов назад

    The graphics were so good I thought it was a movie

  • Sufyaan Beecher
    Sufyaan Beecher 1 часов назад

    Only 11 months to go guys😒

  • Jordan Pacheco
    Jordan Pacheco 2 часов назад

    This game < The Bee movie game

  • Darkknightz
    Darkknightz 2 часов назад

    Plot twist what if captain America changes his costume in the game What if he wasn't dead and came back changes his costume 🤔

  • Alex Dzingel
    Alex Dzingel 2 часов назад

    If this isn’t in the same universe as Spider-Man PS4 I’ll be so pissed

  • Alex Dzingel
    Alex Dzingel 2 часов назад

    I like Cap’s costume but I hate his his actual face look

  • MustangForLife
    MustangForLife 2 часов назад

    Is this game for Xbox and PS4?

  • Girafitti
    Girafitti 2 часов назад

    I cannot wait for an avengers game with Just Cause physics lol.

  • Chase Barcia
    Chase Barcia 2 часов назад

    Anyone else wonder why they dont have half the avengers in this trailer. Oh wait cause that game is to cool to release on the first rendition. Lets slowly make it better by game 5 we will fight thanos and it will be an open world/ photo realistic graphics. Also black widow will look like a woman

  • Tiff Fam
    Tiff Fam 3 часов назад

    The really couldn’t get the characters to actually look like the actors..? Or even get the actors to voice the characters? I know that second request is harder but like still.

  • Pavan Kumar
    Pavan Kumar 3 часов назад


  • jason martell
    jason martell 3 часов назад

    Thor can’t fly ...... he uses his hammers momentum to propel him. Kinda like most dudes I guess.

  • Kpop is the thing that will give you l Life

    spider man why dident u come in the trailer

  • nokasxxexo x
    nokasxxexo x 3 часов назад

    where's hawkeye? why can't the characters have the actual actor's faces? where's thor's accent?

  • Thallison Brandao
    Thallison Brandao 4 часов назад

    Mas eu porque você não faz mais aqui do homem-aranha Vaqueiro eu que fui eu que cria personagem

  • Gilberto Lustosa
    Gilberto Lustosa 4 часов назад

    Amo vocês

  • a a
    a a 4 часов назад

    Game: Nah Spider-Man Ain't Important Me:I Ain't Playing Without Ma Boi. Everyone: will you include Hawkeye Square Enix: no I don't think I will

  • joel mena
    joel mena 4 часов назад

    Hulk 2012 cap 2015 iron man 2015 thor 2013 black widow 2012 and the update characters?

  • joel mena
    joel mena 4 часов назад


  • deoo iopg
    deoo iopg 4 часов назад

    i love it

  • Carlo Martini
    Carlo Martini 4 часов назад

    This... does not look good...

  • Frozen Retro !
    Frozen Retro ! 4 часов назад

    They all look not a day older than 25 🤔

  • Hayden Nguyen
    Hayden Nguyen 4 часов назад

    Cap is dead sad

  • Peter Parker318
    Peter Parker318 5 часов назад

    Finally a good video game to put lego marvel avengers to shame and to be up there with marvel spiderman ps4

  • JibbleJBub
    JibbleJBub 5 часов назад

    But the real question is why don’t they make these characters look like the actors????

    UNKNOWN ЮЗЕР 5 часов назад

    Tony's helmet is 💩

  • Riggedy Rigged
    Riggedy Rigged 5 часов назад

    You couldn’t call it d day,huh?

  • Gabriel Romero
    Gabriel Romero 5 часов назад

    And, spiderman?

  • FoldupFire45868
    FoldupFire45868 6 часов назад

    Are we not gonna talk about how the most important avenger was blown to smithereens

  • Juan Aguirre
    Juan Aguirre 6 часов назад

    Where’s spider man?

  • Panda Jarcor
    Panda Jarcor 6 часов назад

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with the character designs. People just like to complain about everything nowadays. Everyone who expected the MCU cast to appear in this is just ilogical and stupid. This looks great.

  • yaniel vega
    yaniel vega 6 часов назад

    He protecc He attacc But most importantly Iron man is back

  • The cringeoverce
    The cringeoverce 6 часов назад

    This should be an avengers movie

  • Bleagle
    Bleagle 6 часов назад

    I wish they used the actors.

  • Rehofus Norris
    Rehofus Norris 6 часов назад

    The fact that Tony Stark looks like Dave Grohl is very unsettling. This game could be a really good game or really trash🤷🏾‍♂️ can’t wait to find out

  • Rod3ric YT
    Rod3ric YT 6 часов назад


  • ヅZahra
    ヅZahra 7 часов назад

    Who's looking for the latest Marvel movie news he finds on my channel 😊

  • el men de arriba
    el men de arriba 7 часов назад

    quien es el travesti de pelo rojo :v

  • Whitestwhites
    Whitestwhites 7 часов назад

    Thank god it will be available for ps4

  • True Lukemord
    True Lukemord 7 часов назад

    i love it

  • Legends
    Legends 7 часов назад

    Tony stark where are you I don’t see you but I can hear your voice Stark: I’m dead.

  • You got beans?
    You got beans? 7 часов назад

    the graphics disgust me