Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

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  • umang mehta
    umang mehta 5 минут назад

    I’m pretty sure i just saw Thor getting Mjølnir back. Whatever happened to the axe?

  • Aiden Nguyen
    Aiden Nguyen 9 минут назад

    Im watchin it in da cinemas like if u r

  • indramarlis emiraya
    indramarlis emiraya 12 минут назад

    3hours?? empty your bladder before entering cinema

  • anima libera
    anima libera 17 минут назад

    Is that 2nd trailer?

  • subasrith guttula
    subasrith guttula 20 минут назад

    Hi is there any youtuber reading this ?? I actually don't want to watch this trailer ..But, I want to watch the clips in the trailer which are present in the previous movies(like iron man 1 scene at the beginning of the trailer)So can anyone edit all the clips in trailers with previous clips and make a video???? please do it because there are many like me who want to watch it ..Thanking u in advance..and do reply me wth the link

  • Its HAYl3yy!!!!!!
    Its HAYl3yy!!!!!! 20 минут назад

    Chris Pratt please bend me over 😘😍😘😍😘😍😘 hottie I'm just watching this movie with my bf because of you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 ❤️

  • Shaway 36
    Shaway 36 23 минут назад

    1.46 that scene is when Ant-Man jumps inside Thanos and expands, ending the movie.

  • isslam Bouabdallah
    isslam Bouabdallah 26 минут назад

    Is that the second trailer?

  • Muhammed Ocal
    Muhammed Ocal 35 минут назад

    Tony Stark dies at the start so he’s basically not in the movie

  • Vinay Banavi
    Vinay Banavi 35 минут назад

    What if Loki reappears as he always do,movie gonna rock😘

  • Long Trịnh
    Long Trịnh 38 минут назад

    MCU >>>>>>>>>> DC

  • 2BC3
    2BC3 40 минут назад

    Thanos: Pick a side Thor. Thor: Hmmmm ok tails Thanos:You should have gone for the head.

  • Owen Harris
    Owen Harris 40 минут назад

    Those are some very sociably acceptable uniforms. I feel the film will follow suit.

  • Muthu Kumar
    Muthu Kumar 43 минут назад

    Where is Hulk 🧐

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel 43 минут назад

    Captain Marvel: The hero we never asked for Thanos: Perfectly balanced as all things should be Thor: He should have gone for the head Spiderman: He didn’t feel too good Doctor Strange: He’s in the endgame now Groot: I am Groot Iron Man: He’s not the only one cursed with knowledge Hulk: He smashed Black Panther: Wakanda Forever I don’t know anymore quotes

  • Cesar Asumbrado
    Cesar Asumbrado 45 минут назад

    I like this one

    ORANG3JUSTiC3 _ 47 минут назад

    Who were the 45,000+ dumb assess who disliked this amazing video? Beacause all of you who did, I bet you all are the kind of people who thought dinosaurs was pronounced dinosaurous

  • Abhi shek
    Abhi shek 48 минут назад

    Some people will go to washroom At between the movie Some do But not us Not us

  • Josh Allen
    Josh Allen 49 минут назад

    They can’t even show any clips from the actual movie anymore

  • UnseenChaos212
    UnseenChaos212 50 минут назад

    R.I.P. Stan Lee

  • Knockles Dont
    Knockles Dont 59 минут назад

    Is this the last marvel movie

  • Dark Entity
    Dark Entity 1 часов назад

    1:45 how thanos dies

  • Azhar Al Hafizd
    Azhar Al Hafizd 1 часов назад

    INDONESIA ? Like !

  • Bob The Builder
    Bob The Builder 1 часов назад

    This trailer was actually *4.52* minutes long but because of Thanos...

  • Hicks Hicks
    Hicks Hicks 1 часов назад

    Why does Carol look so different here in comparison to her in captain marvel

  • Debaprasad Dash
    Debaprasad Dash 1 часов назад

    I have the Spoiler. In End Game all of remaining avengers will Time travel with the help of Ant Man(by passing through Quantum holes and getting all 6 stones from multiple realities) for which Captain Steve Rogers will shave his beard, Thor will grow up his hair, Tony Stark will colour his hair into black etc. Then they will collect Odin's infinity gauntlet from Asgard and will change the Snap. Still the question is who will use Odin's infinity gauntlet? This is not a prediction. This is a spoiler.

  • Ikhsan Muhammad
    Ikhsan Muhammad 1 часов назад


  • Faris Shah
    Faris Shah 1 часов назад

    0:28 Who narrates that? I can't recognise the voice.

    • Канал Ossisk
      Andy Garsia 2019-03-25T06:58:10.000Z

      Peggy Carter (speech from Winter Soldier)

  • Star vinay ideas and creations
    Star vinay ideas and creations 1 часов назад

    Thank marvel studio releasing avengers on April 26th because that time my birthday please give a comment on it marvel studios

  • yasin salim
    yasin salim 1 часов назад

    who have watched captain marvel

  • Ryan Cox
    Ryan Cox 1 часов назад

    I hope they dedicate this movie to Stan Lee

  • GeneralCat
    GeneralCat 1 часов назад

    This is the only thing I've seen for Endgame.. am I supposed to not have a clue what the movie is about? Do they pick up the pieces and live on, or are they going to pull a raccoon out of their asses and fight Thanos? Maybe they just all buy mansions and have parties?

  • Fire Fist
    Fire Fist 1 часов назад

    We will watch this movie Whatever it takes

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 2 часов назад

    Why is thanos a farmer now.... Is it because he said he is a survivor in infinity war

  • Il Strobe lI
    Il Strobe lI 2 часов назад

    We're coming close to the release date I can't wait

  • samuel ariza
    samuel ariza 2 часов назад

    We got to cross are fingers for the superheroes cap and Tony meet You should've gone for the head shot thanos

  • Riddhi Vaze
    Riddhi Vaze 2 часов назад

    Other fans are like crazy that this is 3 hours long but I, as an Indian, am like "Ok, whatever, 3-hour movies are not much of a thing in other countries, I guess."

  • Justin Time for the party again
    Justin Time for the party again 2 часов назад

    * Thanos snaps twice in sequel to kill the rest * Him: WhT EvOR It TaKEs!

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    We should all thank thanos for snapping so we get new avengers movie.

  • Anish Chalise
    Anish Chalise 2 часов назад

    Everyone always asks, Where is Gamora? Who is Gamora? Why is Gamora? But nobody asks, How is Gamora?

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  • Devansh Verma
    Devansh Verma 2 часов назад

    Who are those two girls in the last with Thor??? Please tel me.

  • Brandon Edwards
    Brandon Edwards 2 часов назад

    Why does Thor have a hammer???

  • Hariz 4588
    Hariz 4588 2 часов назад

    Heard this movie is gonna be around 3 hours long.... Don't mind me, I'm just gonna say my farewells to my bladder...

  • uwarajan logesh
    uwarajan logesh 2 часов назад

    The trailer in tamil pls

  • Yuvraj singh
    Yuvraj singh 2 часов назад

    Well the time stone is to be used to undo everything and then Thor will take a head shot. Prediction from Indian.

  • Top Kek
    Top Kek 2 часов назад

    Guys it's a pencil at 1:46

  • Anvitha 4106
    Anvitha 4106 2 часов назад

    Does anyone remember the gauntlet in thor looked like thanos' gauntlet

  • Eizwan Eiz
    Eizwan Eiz 2 часов назад

    Wait...i thought a4 trailer onlh show first 20 minutes... This is over 20 minutes