Billie Eilish - lovely (with Khalid)

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  • فيصل السبيعي
    فيصل السبيعي 8 минут назад

    لايك 😅

  • tay na tube online
    tay na tube online 11 минут назад

    Amo essa menina ❤❤💖💖

  • Sebastian Oliva
    Sebastian Oliva 22 минут назад



    I love your songs

  • Ezhelist Su
    Ezhelist Su 35 минут назад

    🇹🇷🇦🇿Türkler nerdesiniz bakalım🇦🇿🇹🇷

  • Ruth Eddy
    Ruth Eddy 39 минут назад

    Love it so much Billie eilish

  • RoWeNa G.
    RoWeNa G. 47 минут назад

    why do their voices feel like heaven😩

  • Basel Al-Jabri
    Basel Al-Jabri 48 минут назад

    I don’t know why I’m crying to this

  • Emma Taylor
    Emma Taylor 58 минут назад

    Damn I want this voice😍😍 “ welcome home “💯

  • previously on
    previously on 1 часов назад

    My favorite song is that

  • K-Pop Gomez
    K-Pop Gomez 1 часов назад

    1:11 I really cried..

  • Allicia Vitória
    Allicia Vitória 1 часов назад

    *_Alguém Aí É Brasileiro😂❤️?_*

  • Clarissa Kagoro
    Clarissa Kagoro 1 часов назад

    1:11 my fav part

  • Xeon
    Xeon 1 часов назад

    Weil meine Freundin das Lied Liebt und ich SIE LIEBE, Liebe ich das Lied jetzt auch 18.01.2018 <3 !

  • Nguyen Nina
    Nguyen Nina 2 часов назад


    _THINDER_TOM1 THUNDER_TOM1 2 часов назад

    😔🥺😭😓 wow 😔🥺😭

  • joseph cox
    joseph cox 2 часов назад

    This is art

  • RedActivates MC
    RedActivates MC 2 часов назад


  • Marizene Araújo
    Marizene Araújo 2 часов назад


  • Sr.vírus
    Sr.vírus 2 часов назад

    Parabends editor da marvel

  • FoxyThePirateFox0826 And WolfGamer20209
    FoxyThePirateFox0826 And WolfGamer20209 2 часов назад

    I ship you and Khalid

  • Sissy Maria Contrerasm
    Sissy Maria Contrerasm 2 часов назад

    Me enamore jsjs amo a esta chica xddd ayy la nueva generacion esta q quema ><><><><><><><><><><> ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆ No hagan caso a esta loca :V

  • Natisha
    Natisha 2 часов назад

    When I’m in emotional pain I listen to this. I feel like if people can write music like this then they’ve felt the pain that I feel tight now

  • Madu Carvalho
    Madu Carvalho 2 часов назад


  • JengoMango
    JengoMango 3 часов назад

    A beautiful song that captures the melancholy of being a teenager. Gorgeous.

  • Khadija Hriche
    Khadija Hriche 3 часов назад

    Instagram :hanadi__dg #add me guys❤️

  • YnOt
    YnOt 3 часов назад

    Billie literally has at least double the amount of chains than Lil Pump.

  • PigglyWiggly PG
    PigglyWiggly PG 3 часов назад

    This the typa music i wanna make

  • a smol child
    a smol child 3 часов назад

    Their voices were made for each other!

  • PigglyWiggly PG
    PigglyWiggly PG 3 часов назад


  • zick zack
    zick zack 3 часов назад

    despacito is way better

  • unknown desconocido
    unknown desconocido 4 часов назад

    This is my favorite song of the 2019

  • Maira Mari
    Maira Mari 4 часов назад

    Música linda ❤🇧🇷

  • Huzaifa Hyder
    Huzaifa Hyder 4 часов назад

    These meaningful songs are so rare now a days.

  • Jouda Cianci
    Jouda Cianci 4 часов назад

    This song is so powerful. You go Billie!!!!

  • Rashida Begum
    Rashida Begum 4 часов назад

    Someone hug me l am so scared

  • Rashida Begum
    Rashida Begum 4 часов назад

    I crying right now

  • Carolina Ferraz
    Carolina Ferraz 4 часов назад

    This song is my addiction. 😍😍😍

  • Gia Fernandes
    Gia Fernandes 4 часов назад

    Tik tok ruined this song but it's still SO good

  • BTS _ Army
    BTS _ Army 4 часов назад

    *The best duo ever* ❤️

  • 2forLove Official
    2forLove Official 5 часов назад

    Khalid has an amazing voice and with Billie it sounds incredible!

  • Meja Stranding
    Meja Stranding 5 часов назад


  • Lara Contardi da Silva
    Lara Contardi da Silva 5 часов назад


  • ssuv ann
    ssuv ann 5 часов назад

    It hurts.

  • mounira ben othman
    mounira ben othman 5 часов назад

    *No fair her music videos are the most beautiful an meaningful ones on the entire universe*

  • cuTe giRl
    cuTe giRl 6 часов назад

    Billie+Khalid= *pErFeCtIoN*

  • cuTe giRl
    cuTe giRl 6 часов назад

    How many chains do you want? Billie: *yes*

  • cuTe giRl
    cuTe giRl 6 часов назад

    Billie is not a Queen. She is a goddess. <3

  • Emma Taylor
    Emma Taylor 6 часов назад

    Billie Eilish 💜💜💜💜💜

  • Brandon Herwig
    Brandon Herwig 6 часов назад