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  • blaž kotnik
    blaž kotnik 31 минут назад

    Borring so slow👀😑

  • blaž kotnik
    blaž kotnik 32 минут назад

    Give it a gass 😑👀

  • Jon Mencias
    Jon Mencias 42 минут назад


  • Jon Mencias
    Jon Mencias 43 минут назад

    Rock you

  • Mr Janatbek
    Mr Janatbek 11 часов назад


  • BL4ZE :P
    BL4ZE :P 13 часов назад

    Who’s 2019?

  • SanFranOM
    SanFranOM 13 часов назад

    Pretty expensive rc car

  • Sjaad Ijaz
    Sjaad Ijaz 15 часов назад

    Who made the remote control car they are Jew blue

  • Natalie Habek
    Natalie Habek 23 часов назад


  • Ionut Balan
    Ionut Balan 1 дня назад


  • Kaka Mil grau Augusto
    Kaka Mil grau Augusto 1 дня назад

    Da hora

  • ItzSpekk
    ItzSpekk 2 дня назад

    What's next using Wii controller to control nuke

  • miamichi16
    miamichi16 2 дня назад


  • Joao Julinski
    Joao Julinski 2 дня назад

    Quem é brasileiro da like

  • Justin Guilmain
    Justin Guilmain 3 дня назад

    The guy beside him in the front is driving

  • aka draco
    aka draco 3 дня назад

    But how the controller didnt disconnect 🤔

  • aka draco
    aka draco 3 дня назад

    U seen the stuff on the gas pandle and brake and steering wheel

  • aka draco
    aka draco 4 дня назад

    This aint fake

  • YoungDerrick Llml34
    YoungDerrick Llml34 5 дня назад

    What if the controller dies and he crashes into a wall ?

  • Flaming Heatwave
    Flaming Heatwave 5 дня назад

    I always had a dream where you could get a PS4 controller as your steering wheel

  • Princess Celestia
    Princess Celestia 6 дня назад

    It’s obviously fake look at the red screening on there why is that there

  • domantfly
    domantfly 6 дня назад

    I thought these already came with one 🤔

  • Tivaughn Henry
    Tivaughn Henry 7 дня назад

    I thought this was fake like when jake Paul did it

  • Salman Alghtam
    Salman Alghtam 1 недели назад

    The good if people can't walk or without legs can make this machine and ride his Care then go café

  • Lance PH
    Lance PH 1 недели назад


  • Rathana Long
    Rathana Long 1 недели назад

    Seriously what's the fun in that....

  • keishun benz
    keishun benz 1 недели назад

    What? Rc cool gtr

  • PhantomCraftGaming
    PhantomCraftGaming 1 недели назад

    Fake AF watch the guy in the driver's seat. (Right hand drive car) 3:56

  • Reese Long
    Reese Long 1 недели назад

    sucks you didnt get to do a burnout

  • Jonas Vartdal Vågen
    Jonas Vartdal Vågen 1 недели назад


  • Mustfa Zuher
    Mustfa Zuher 1 недели назад


  • Alvarito 590
    Alvarito 590 1 недели назад

    No lo se Rick parece falso:vv

  • Minnie Rowell
    Minnie Rowell 1 недели назад

    I ain’t dumb the dude in the passenger seat is driving🤣🤣🤣

  • Comedy Channel
    Comedy Channel 1 недели назад


  • Dinesh Giri
    Dinesh Giri 1 недели назад

    Bring in Nepal also

  • Oluthando Xolo
    Oluthando Xolo 1 недели назад


  • Chad Hollinsworth
    Chad Hollinsworth 1 недели назад

    That is sick 😱

  • Edward Ortiz Vargas
    Edward Ortiz Vargas 1 недели назад

    J que loquera

  • Nayef Aljamal
    Nayef Aljamal 1 недели назад

    Imagine standing in front of the car your controlling and you run your self over

  • OYUNCU 3447
    OYUNCU 3447 1 недели назад

    Lan yokmu aranızda türk

  • Richard Washington
    Richard Washington 1 недели назад

    This is fake bog

  • Nancy Mumm
    Nancy Mumm 1 недели назад


  • wahyu saputra
    wahyu saputra 1 недели назад

    gas poll bang

  • Enduro Sol 27
    Enduro Sol 27 1 недели назад

    My name is sol

  • Jax Veilleux
    Jax Veilleux 2 недели назад

    Are you on fuller house

  • Basıkçıl Garage
    Basıkçıl Garage 2 недели назад

    Tek Türk benmişim amk

  • yeblox ,
    yeblox , 2 недели назад


  • Vansh Kaushal
    Vansh Kaushal 2 недели назад

    I think so that playstation graphic have improved

  • Arthur Amorim
    Arthur Amorim 2 недели назад

    Fake Bro omg

  • خالد د
    خالد د 2 недели назад

    مشا الله